module 03 reflection


In this module I want to show the world in different creatures’ eyes.  We live in the world as human being, so we see and feel the world around us in the same way. I am curious about what other creatures see and feel about the world. Will the angle, color and shape change in their world? In this video, I shoot several footages in a different way and try to show the different world to my audience.


I feel happy that my classes like my video, especially the first part about butterfly and the third part about squirrel. The audio is important in this video that makes the story more continuous and attractive. The second part about the duck needs to be improved since the scene in this part is kind of monotonous.

I learnt a lot from other classmates’ work. How they arrange the procedure of the footages to make the story more narrative? How to combine the video and audio to make it more attractive? Their works give me much inspiration.


At first it is hard to arrange the footages in the video to tell a story. All the footages seem separate and meaningless that cannot connect with each other. Then I try to classify them in different categories and tell three different stories. I think the audio plays an important role in this video. The scenes change with the rhythm of the audio that makes the whole video more continuous.


This project can be polished and further development. If can show more stories about different creatures. It is a change for people to discover the beauty of nature and learn more about the creatures around us.

Final Question:

Although the three stories all tell about the world in other creatures’ eyes, they seem separate and not connect with each other closely. How to arrange them in a way that can contain all the three stories? Maybe tells a story about three creatures together to make the video more interesting.

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