module 02 reflection


The theme of module 02 is the art of the real. I chose to record a live show called If You Are The One among Chinese students.  It is an event that can offer opportunity for Chinese boys and girls to meet with each other and find their love.  I recorded the whole process of the live show and interviewed some boys who came to the stage bravely. The key concept of this video is to tell a story that can reflect Chinese students’ attitude towards love and life. It is really interesting to see each participant’s behavior on the stage and learn about their thoughts. By editing and combining each footage, I want to show a real emotional world in Chinese students’ eyes.


The feedback is really useful. There are two parts of the feedback that I found is very useful. The first one is although the language of the video is Chinese, I should not use many subtitles in the video. It is better to find a way to express the atmosphere of the story by shooting some details like people’s behaviors, their emotions, and the reflection of the audiences. People can understand the story by these details without subtitles.  The other part is that I should not put all the five people in the video,  the stories seem a little bit long and repetitive. I can cut one or two stories and focus on the stories that are most impressing.

By seeing and giving feedback to other students’ work, I find that every student has his or her own character in their work. Some of their works are really poetic and beautiful. Some are more realistic and touching. I can learn a lot from their works.


I learnt a lot from this practice. I learnt how to interview people. People usually do not talk much when you ask them big and generous question. Thus it is better to start with small questions that related to everyday life.  How to organize the footages in the video to make it continuous is also a very difficult thing. It is better to insert interview into scenes. Only interview or scenes will let the audience feel boring.


My friends have seen the video too, they are interested in the process of the live show and the people who participated in it. This video can be a promotion of this kind of life show since this live show happens every year, it is important to let more people know about that and participate in it. The video is also a very good way to introduce Chinese student’s life to others.

Final Question:

Since this video is mainly a record of a live show, I wonder what kind of audio should be used to improve the video better. Should I keep the original audio with the noise of the background?  Or should I erased it and use other music to make the story more impressing?

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